It is awesome to know that there might be someone out there that can help my family so we wouldn’t have to worry about being evicted from our home while waiting for the Veterans Affairs to increase my disability compensation.
— U.S. Army veteran
Your organization is the best! What you do for veterans and their families is truly a blessing.
— wife of U.S. Marine
"Thank you so much again. You truly don't know how much you just helped me and my family out in this time of need. We are grateful there are people like you who help people like us because believe it or not many Americans don't care about what we did over there and what some of us lost. Please don't ever hesitate to ask if you need any help doing anything for your orginazation. I would do anything I could to help from here even if it meant going door to door to businesses for fundraising".

- former U.S.Marine Corporal O. Gonzalez

My family and I thank you for your service and the support of the Rebuild Hope organization. The org’s name is so appropriate, and the members show remarkable efforts in helping veterans out , even more than the VA does. You guys teach us how to transition back to civilian life by teaching us the basics that the military doesn’t worry much about: budgeting, asking essential questions that we don’t ask ourselves, overall looking deep into reality. On behalf of the Sher Family, we thank you.
— former U.S. Army Sergeant Rita Sher
I would personally like to thank you for helping me and my family until we were able to be in a better position. Without your assistance I don’t even wanna fathom the consequences. My family and I wanna thank you and your team for helping us during our time of need.
— former U.S. Army Sergeant Maurice Jermon
We want to thank you again from the bottom of our hearts for helping us out financially. Our budget spreadsheet will help us keep everything together and in one place. Thank you for being such an amazing organization and helping people like us.
— spouse of U.S. Army National Guard Iraqi war veteran
Rebuild Hope did not hesitate to give us the help we needed! We thank this organization for being there - even more than our own family!!!
— wife of U.S. Army veteran
I can’t effectively express in words how grateful my wife and I are for what you have done for us. Is is people like you, and organizations like yours that are responsible for all that is good in the world. I pray God’s blessings will be upon you.
— Former U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ryan Cox
Homelessness is the last thing any family expected to happen to them. But that was us, and helpless. It will take more than a thousand words to describe what your help means to us.
— wife of U.S. Army veteran.
Thank you so much. Me and the kids can’t stop smiling. What a tremendous stress relief. We are truly grateful. Thank god. Thank you
— U.S. Army Iraq War Veteran
I can’t thank you enough for stepping up to help us as you did, especially for doing it on such short notice. Things are working out great for my family and this would not have been possible without your support.
— U.S. Air Force veteran