Home: Daphne, Alabama
Service-Connected Disability: Diagnosed with severe PTSD, Thoracic Compression Fractures, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, and Sciatica.
Operation: Iraqi Freedom (2 tours)
Last Military Assignment: 1-6th Infantry Regiment, Baumholder, Germany
Immediate Family: Self, Wife, 2 daughters and 1 young son
Personal Interests: Family time, reading, writing, and fishing.
Current Medical Care: In-home PTSD Counseling; Colostomy Care; Psychiatry Meetings/Evaluations; Chiropractic Care
Current Situation: "I put off school, became a certified welder within months of my discharge, and began working on offshore oil rigs. However, I was terminated recently after experiening more back problems. We have downsized to a 2 bedroom apartment to cut expenses in rent, water, and utilities and are making weekly payments to reduce our credit card debt. I expect to receive disability compensation from the VA by in early 2015 and start school on the GI Bill this fall. Rebuild Hope assistance will help us pay our basic living expenses before then."
Requested:    $2000 Received: Grant*


* Honored: Rebuild Hope provides emergency funds upfront in excess of actual donations.

The Stelling family joined Rebuild Hope in August 2014.

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