U.S. Army Segeant Joshua Ruiz (Medically Retired Veteran)

Joshua's Family   

Joshua's Family


" During a tour in Baghdad, Iraq I was exposed to mortar rounds and improvised explosive devices and also suffered an injury on an Airborne Jump."

Home: Puerto Rico
Service-Connected Disability: PTSD, Lumbar Surgery (back), IBD, Lumbar Radiculopathy.
Operation: OIF/OEF (June 08 – Sep. 09)
Last Military Assignment: Fort Bragg, Washington
Immediate Family: Wife and son
Personal Interests: Soccer, Film, Skateboarding, Scuba, anything to do with adventure and exploring nature.
Current Medical Care: PTSD Counseling; physical therapy, pending spinal surgery
Current Situation: Recently medically discharged from military service and relocated back home to be closer to family support in Puerto Rico. Incurred significant moving expenses that put us behind on paying our normal household bills. I have filed for social security. I am looking for job opportunities through the Warriors to Work program offered by The Wounded Warrior Project. We have also begun an assumption process for my home in which another veteran will assume my home loan and I don’t have to pay a mortgage company. We only buy essential items on a day-to-day basis and aim build about six months worth of savings to deal with unexpected emergencies. We will attack our outstanding credit balances using the debt-snowball method. Assistance from Rebuild Hope will allow us to catch up on bills, mortgage, and rent.
Requested:    $1000 Received: no-interest loan Repayment: receipt of backpay


The Ruiz family joined Rebuild Hope in July 2014.

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