Request Guidelines

As a general philosophy Rebuild Hope places few restictions on requests for assistance in paying for essential basic needs. However, there are some limitations so please review them carefully.

  1. Rebuild Hope provides grants or loans on a one-time basis.
  2. ALL disabled OIF/OEF veterans can use other REbuild Hope services as often as needed.
  3. Each request must benefit either an injured service member or veteran, and their immediate family.
  4. Although an injury must have occurred during active military duty, it does NOT need to be combat-related. Injuries occurring while on leave can also qualify if approved by Rebuild Hope.
  5. Each request must be for a specified purpose and be accompanied with a detailed description of what is needed.
  6. A list of ineligible items is maintained on this site. This list can be modified by Rebuild Hope at any time without prior notice.
  7. Requests CANNOT be made for anything where the purchase was or will be reinbursed by another party.
  8. Requests must be accompanied by either an original formal price quote or a sales receipt. Applicants must also provide a signed statement that validates these documents. This certification statement can be downloaded from our website. This protects our donors.
  9. Rebuild Hope does not provide grants for the purpose of loan repayments.
  10. Rebuild Hope will NOT accept requests for anything that is either illegal or likely to be offensive in nature.

Rebuild Hope retains the right to deny any request and to change these guidelines at any time for any reason at its sole discretion.