Rebuild Hope provides emergency financial assistance to veterans who can demonstrate they meet all our eligibility requirements and convince us they will make excellent use of our support.  Since personal character references are an important element of our applicant evaluation process, we encourage veterans to carefully read this page.  Veterans who either are unable or unwilling to complete our character reference process should not apply for financial assistance.

  • Acceptable references are individuals who will provide an un-biased character assessment based on current knowledge of a veteran.  Friends and family members do NOT qualify.

  • Applicants must provide at least two qualified references, and at least one reference must be a representative of either the VA or a military warrior transition unit. (Note: Rebuild Hope recommends applicants provide at least three references as individuals are often unavailable for various reasons.) 

  • Rebuild Hope will contact references only after applicants authorize them to talk to Rebuild Hope. The applicant must provide a phone number and an email address for each reference.

  • Rebuild Hope will initially contact references by sending an email that explains our objectives, provides sample questions, and schedules a phone interview. Applicants will be copied on this email.  


Sample Character Reference Questions

  1. What is the nature of your relationship to this veteran?

  2. About how long have you known her?

  3. Describe the type and frequency of contact you have had with her during the past year

  4. How well do you feel you know this individual?

  5. How would you describe her character?

  6. Is  she someone capable and committed to building a healthy and stable life for herself and family?

  7. What, if any, concerns do you have about Rebuild Hope assisting this veteran?

  8. If you were in our shoes, would you provide her emergency financial assistance?