I would like to add the following survey to a Wordpress blog I am creating:


Create a multi-question, post-level survey that collects responses from commenters, computes individual scores, and continuously displays aggregate results in the post block.

How it Works

1. All blog users are presented the opportunity to complete a survey whenever they cretae a post or submit a comment

2.  Users complete and submit a short survey

3. Each survey question includes a numeric rating and a weighting %

4. A weighted rating (WR) is calculated for the answers to each question

5. A total score (TS) is calculated by adding the weighted ratings.

6. The total number of partcipants is collected.

7. The average weighted rating (AWR) for each question is calculated

8. The average total score (ATS) for all participants is calculated

9. Collective Survey results are continuously displayed in every post box

10. The post is updated to display new values for #4, 5, 6, 7 and 8

survey table.png