Who You Can Help - The Ludena Family

"I served with a Marine infantry security unit in back-to-back operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and was medically discharged after four years of service."

Marine CPL Julius Ludena (Veteran)

Home: York, PA
Service-Connected Disability: PTSD, anxiety disorder, back and head injuries.
Operations: 2 deployments: Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan)
Last Military Assignment: Served with 10th Marines, Camp Lejeune, NC
Immediate Family: self, my wife and one daughter
Personal Interests: Raising my beautiful 5-year old daughter, spending time with my wife and volunteering to help other veterans
Current Situation:

"My wife was discharged from the ARMY six months after I left the Marines, and the loss of our two incomes led to substantial financial problems. We relied on credit cards for everyday living expenses and quickly fell behind in paying our bills. My wife is now working full-time, and I am seeking work while participating in physical therapy. Rebuild Hope helped us create a household budget and paid our rent and utilities. Once I am working again we should no longer experience financial problems."

Current Requests: &nbs; Need: $1000 Received: $675 Still Need: $325

* Honored: Rebuild Hope provides emergency funds upfront in excess of actual donations.

The Ludena family joined Rebuild Hope in June 2013.

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