US Air Force Senior Airman Justin Lockridge

(Medically Retired Veteran)

" During a tour in Baghdad, Iraq I was exposed to mortar rounds and improvised explosive devices and also suffered an injury on an Airborne Jump."

Home: Texas
Service-Connected Disability: Obstructive sleep apnea, right shoulder impingement syndrome with tendinosis, left knee patellofemoral syndrome, bilateral shin splints, bilateral pes planus, tinnitus.
Operation: Operation Enduring Freedom Kandahar, Afghanistan
Last Military Assignment: 99th Civil Engineering Squadron Nellis AFB, Nevada
Immediate Family: Single
Personal Interests: Starting my own transportation business.
Current Medical Care: Breathing assistance device, continuous airway pressure machine (CPAP). Personal exercise/physical therapy
Current Situation: Due to my disabilities it has been difficult to become gainfully employed. However, I was offered a job as a delivery driver and soon after my car broke down. Already in financial distress I need assistance for car repairs and making ends meet until I begin working. Rebuild Hope will help me make this happen.
Requested:    $1000 Received: no-interest loan Repayment: year-end


Justin joined Rebuild Hope in July 2014.

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