Ineligible Items

Rebuild Hope does not accept all types of requests for financial assistance. Since many veteran support organizations already provide special services (e.g., airline tickets, home and vehicle modification) at no cost to these families, we encourage families to take advantage of this generous support. Please keep in mind that Rebuild Hope strives to meet financial needs not met by other organizations.

The following items do NOT QUALIFY for Rebuild Hope financial assistance. This list can change at any time without any prior or separate notice AND Rebuild Hope can make exceptions solely at its discretion.

  1. Any item where an expenditure has/will be reimbursed by another source
  2. Any illegal item
  3. Repair of any vehicle other than the one that serves as the primary transportation for a veteran
  4. Cosmetic repairs or modifications to a primary transport vehicle
  5. Cosmetic repairs or modifications to a primary residence.
  6. Medical or dental services or procedures
  7. Mortgage payments
  8. Car payments
  9. Credit card payments
  10. Personal loans
  11. Any discretionary travel, lodging, entertainment and activities other than that directly connected to approved therapy by a Rebuild Hope partner
  12. Airline travel
  13. Legal fees
  14. Business expenses
  15. Educational expenses for adults and children