Step 1: Application 

To request emergency financial assistance a veteran must submit a comprehensive application,  a description of their financial situation and specific needs, personal references, military service and discharge information, an acceptable I.D., and documentation that supports all claims for service-connected disability benefits from the Veterans Administration.

Step 2: Veterans Advocacy

If Rebuild Hope determines an applicant is a good candidiate for financial assistance a volunteer assists them until they complete our entire evaluation process.

Step 3: Needs Analysis

Rebuild Hope helps the veteran create a cash flow-based, 12-month budget that illustrates their family need for assistance and likely financial future. The advocate and veteran then develop an action plan that can improve their outlook and circumstances.

Step 4: Selective References

During the financial need anaysis phase Rebuild Hope often identifies family needs for additional essential services, e.g., legal, debt management, housing, and refers the veteran to organizations that will likely help them.

Step 5: Membership Decision

Rebuild Hope determines whether the veteran is invited to join its financial support network and establishes a fund-raising goal.

Step 6: Financial Assistance

Rebuild Hope advances funds to the veteran in order to meet their emergency need.

Step 7: Beneficiary Profile

Rebuild Hope publishes a profile of the veteran's family on its website.

Step 8: Donations

Donors either select a beneficiary or ask Rebuild Hope to select one on their behalf. (They can also designate a donation to be used to fund our efficient operations.) Donors can use a variety of payment methods including online transactions.