How Rebuild Hope Works

Step 1: Applying to Join Rebuild Hope

A veteran submits an application, a description of specific needs, personal references, military and Veterans Administration documentation and information used to create a personal profile on the Rebuild Hope website.

Step 2: Needs Analysis

Working with Rebuild Hope the veteran creates a 12-month budget that illustrates his or her family's projected cash flow, financial obligations and need for assistance.

Step 3: Membership Decision

Rebuild Hope determines whether the veteran is invited to join its financial support network and establishes a fund-raising goal.

Step 4: Beneficiary Profile

Rebuild Hope publishes a profile of the veteran's family on its website

Step 5: Donors Make Donations

Donors select a beneficiary or ask Rebuild Hope to select one in their behalf. (They can also designate a donation to be used to fund our efficient operations.) Donors can use a variety of payment methods including online transactions.

Step 7: Distribution of Donations

All beneficiaries must provide acceptable documentation and declarations before donations are distributed to them.