Who You Can Help - The Hornbeck Family

"While serving in Baghdad I was involved in 12 IED (roadside bomb) attacks, shot at by a sniper, and experienced a grenade attack on my Humvee."

Army SPC Shane Hornbeck (Veteran)

b>Home: Lexington, KY
Service-Connected Disability: PTSD, traumatic brain injury, knee, ankle and lower back damage.
Operation: Iraqi Freedom
Last Military Assignment: Served with 1st Infantry Division, Schweinfurt, Germany
Immediate Family: Self, fiancé, and our baby due in November 2013
Personal Interests: Providing for my family, fishing, working on cars.
Current Situation:

"In the years following my return from Iraq, I destroyed relationships with family and friends and allowed my financial situation to deteriorate. I have committed myself to both rebuilding my life and building a new family with my fiancé and our first child. The treatment I have received at the VA during the past year has made an incredible difference on my health, and I will soon be starting a vocational training program so I can become a welder and join the Sheet Metal Union. Rebuild Hope has helped us create a conservative 12-month budget that will guide our financial decisions and a financial grant will enable us to avoid possible eviction."

Current Requests: Needed: $2000 Received: $1750 Still Need: $250

* Honored: Rebuild Hope provides emergency funds upfront in excess of actual donations.

The Hornbeck family joined Rebuild Hope in June 2013.

Rebuild Hope respects a beneficiary's desire for privacy and limits the information publicly displayed on our web site to what she or he decides. We ask that no one attempt to contact them directly unless the beneficiary has authorized this action in written communications through Rebuild Hope.

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