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"SPC Hammac served in the Infantry Division during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita where he was exposed to devastation and death in his own country. He also served in Al Anbar Province, Iraq from January 2010 until May 2010 when he received a non-combat injury to his back. "

Army SPC Douglas Hammac (Veteran)

Home: Bridge City, TX
Service-Connected Disability: PTSD, Major Depression, Back Injury
Operation: Hurricanes Katrina and Rita; Operation Crescent Shield: Task Force Gator; Iraqi Freedom; 1 tour
Last Military Assignment: Alpha Company 3rd Battalion 156 Infantry Division, Fort Polk, Louisiana
Immediate Family: Self, Wife, 2 young sons
Personal Interests: Raising my sons, cooking, fishing, hunting
Current Situation: "When I came home from Iraq, I was sent to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX where I began immediate physical therapy and pre-requisites for my back surgery in October 2010 and February 2011 After my discharge I went back to my civilian job as a welder. I could not hold a job for long due to back pain and my PTSD and was forced to rely on VA Disability and Social Security Disability. Counselors and psychiatrists now treat my PTSD and depression, and neurologists treat my back pain. In the past my family relied on expensive payday loans to ensure food throughout the month. Rebuild Hope is helping us eliminate this debt, and as of next month we will be debt-free. We can successfully live within the constraints of a conservative household budget and will be much happier."


Current Requests:   Need: $1000 Received: $250 Still Need: $750


* Honored: Rebuild Hope provides emergency funds upfront in excess of actual donations.

The Hammac family joined Rebuild Hope in August 2013.

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