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"I was recently medically discharged from activity duty after 17 years of honorable and faithful naval service. During this time I have been deployed to Thailand, Japan, South and North Korea, Iraq, Singapore, Australia, Somalia, Guam, Bahrain, the Philippines and Germany>"

U.S. Navy Petty Officer India Green (Veteran)

Home: California
Service-Connected Disability: Severe osteoarthritis, chronic asthma, migraines, TIA’s, insomnia, depression, knee and hip trauma
Operations: Global War on Terror
Last Military Assignment: Naval Station 32nd St Base, San Diego, CA
Immediate Family: Son and granddaughter
Personal Interests: Attending Church, Reading, Swimming, Dogs, Gospel Music, Spending time with my granddaughter
Current Situation:

I am currently looking for a job. I am seeking a position to work with veterans who have an addiction to drugs or alcohol. I would like to also assist the Veterans Village San Diego with housing placement for vets. I will be starting college on April 28, 2014 utilizing my Post-911 G.I. Benefits.

Current Requests: $1500 Car repairs

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The Green family joined Rebuild Hope in 2014.

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