Announcement: Financial Assistance Discontinued - August 2019

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Our Mission

Rebuild Hope helps severely disabled OIF/OEF veterans transition from military to civilian lives by providing EMERGENCY financial grants and household budget counseling. A strong preference is given to veterans who were medically discharged during the prior three year AND are awaiting service-connected disability compensation from the Veterans Administration. Our services equip families to make better financial decisions and help qualifying veterans pay for their most pressing basic living expenses.

Veterans should carefully read this entire page to ensure they understand what Rebuild Hope does and how it works BEFORE applying for assistance.

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Emergency Financial Assistance

Rebuild Hope helps eligible veterans...

  • Evaluate their current household financial circumstances and prospects
  • Create a conservative set of financial assumptions about the next 12 months
  • Create a 12-month cash flow-based budget and financial roadmap
  • Pay for essential family needs
  • Access free online financial literacy programs
  • Identify additional sources of financial assistance
  • Identify sources of essential non-financial services

Rebuild Hope also creates a personal online profile that recognize each veteran's sacrifices, describes why they need help, and illustrates to all Americans the financial hardships caused by a veteran's long and uncertain wait for merited VA disability compensation.

Eligibility For Emergency Financial Assistance

Veterans who meet ALL the following eligibility requirements are encouraged to send us an application.

  1. You are either ...

    (a) an OIF/OEF veteran honorably discharged during the past 3 years, OR

    (b) an OIF/OEF veteran initially diagnosed with moderate to severe PTSD during the past 3 years, OR

    (c) a service member in a warrior transition unit destined for a medical discharge.
  2. You have either ...

    (a) been issued a service-connected disability rating of at least 50%, OR

    (b) submitted a claim to the VA that merits such a rating.

    In the latter case, an applicant must provide an estimated combined disability rating based on medically established injuries and illnesses and the standard disability ratings published at the VA website. A veteran suffering from PTSD with a Global Assessment of Functioning (GAF) score of 55 or less will meet this requirement. GAF scores are explained at here.

  3. You need funds only in the short term and only for the most basic of living expenses
  4. Your household can create a realistic budget that demonstrates you can achieve a sustainable positive monthly cash flow within 3 to 6 months. Future income sources must be either certain or highly probable. Typically, these sources are linked to work, SSDI, a VA disability, and the GI Bill.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Veterans can obtain an estimate of VA claim waiting times for their local VA benefits office at the Center for Investigative Reporting website.

  5. Rebuild Hope believes the veterans is committed to improving the financial well-being of his or her household and our assistance would significantly lessen the veteran's short term financial problems AND improve their long term prospects.
  6. You can provide two acceptable character references who know you well. Please carefully read the Personal Character Reference page.

Application Requirements

Applicants must submit ALL required information and documents - no exceptions. Budgeting tools and an application status report will be emailed to veterans after Rebuild Hope reviews their initial application.

  • Rebuild Hope Application
  • Drivers License
  • Financial needs analysis including a projected 12-month cash flow budget
  • Copy of DD-214 or confirmation of Medical Hold status
  • Either a service-connected disability award letter or a VA claim and medical evaluations
  • VA case manager name and contact information
  • Veterans service officer name and contact information if there is an outstanding VA claim or appeal
  • Two acceptable character references - neither friends nor family
  • Information and photos for an online family profile

Ineligible Items

Since Rebuild Hope is designed to help veterans pay for their most basic living expenses like food, utilities, gasoline and rent many other types of expenditures do not qualify. Here is a list of Ineligible Items. This list can change at any time.

Please note that Rebuild Hope does NOT pay-off loans, credit cards nor mortgages!

Download Rebuild Hope Application

View the individual steps in the Rebuild Hope application process and then download, complete and submit an application. Applicants must complete the entire Rebuild Hope application process within 10 workdays; most take only 5 to 7 workdays. (please note: the application process is identical for both grants and no-interest loans)

Veteran Personal Profile

Every veteran who joins Rebuild Hope displays a personal profile on our website. These profiles recognize the sacrifices made by veterans and their families, and enable donors get to know them, understand their needs for financial assistance and make online donations. If for privacy reasons a veteran prefers NOT to display their family name on Rebuild Hope, a pseudonym will be used. You can view the profiles of existing Rebuild Hope veterans and their families at Who You Can Help .

Additional Sources of Essential Services

Emergency Financial Assistance

Rebuild Hope always encourages applicants to contact other organizations that offer emergency financial assistance whenever they apply to Rebuild Hope as one should never assume that Rebuild Hope can or will provide funds. Also, one's needs may simply exceed our capacity so additional help would still be needed. Rebuild Hope provides detailed information about other national organizations that provide emergency financial assistance to OIF/OEF veterans.

Non-Financial Assistance

Rebuild Hope helps veterans find other sources of essential services beyond financial assistance. View the profiles for a short list of well-established organizations.

Regardless of whether you qualify for Rebuild Hope financial assistance, Rebuild Hope helps veterans with household budgeting, financial counseling and referrals.