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Join the Rebuild Hope Fitness Challenge ("Fitness Challenge") at Plus 3 Networks and earn donations for the families of veterans disabled during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan simply by participating in your favorite fitness activities and enjoying the very cool benefits of a free membership in a fun fast-growing, fitness-based social network. And all your efforts and positive impact on our veterans and their families will be recognized widely.

Participating in the Fitness Challenge is fun and easy. You create a personal account at the Plus 3 Network social network and select Rebuild Hope as your designated cause. Then, each time you record an activity like a run, gym workout, walk, yoga practice or game of soccer, your effort generates donations to Rebuild Hope made by a generous philanthropist. Everyone from the casual fitness enthusiast to the competitive athlete is welcome; and everything from fitness sessions to formal training and competitive events count. 100% of your fitness-generated donations are distributed to our families.




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log and view your fitness activities everyday.



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The Power of Community

The fund-raising power of the Fitness Challenge rests with the way it leverages the collective efforts of its individual members. Each type of activity translates to donations based on either mileage or hours. More than 40 different activities including team sports are translated into donations and you can submit any combination of activities. View the currently eligible activities and see how your efforts are counted at Plus 3 (Note: Select "Tell Me More" on that page).

And when you track mileage-based activities with a GPS monitor, you earn twice as much!

Imagine the collective impact of 250 members who each raise only $100 a year - that's $25,000!

Visit Our Fitness Challenge Clubhouse

Rebuild Hope encourages you to visit the Challenge Clubhouse page regularly to keep abreast of what is going on, track the activities of other members, take advantage of special promotions and invite others to join our team. Have fun while supporting our disabled current era veterans.