Rebuild Hope assists men and women who served our country during the Iraq and Afgahnistan wars, have severe service-connected disabilities and can demonstrate a capacity and commitment to rebuilding stable and healthy civilian lives for themselves and their families. Most often they are experiencing financial problems due to extremely long delays in disability claim processing at the Veterans Administration.

Applicants who meet the eligibility criteria listed below are excellent candidates for emergency financial assistance in the form of grants and/or no-interest loans. Rebuild Hope assists ALL current era veterans with budgeting and finding other sources of essential services.

Eligibility For Financial Assistance

  • Veteran/Military Status - U.S. military services, National Guard and Reserve veterans who suffer life-altering physical or psychological wounds and were honorably discharged during the past 3 years. Members of warrior transition units who are scheduled for a medical discharge can also qualify. Service-connected wounds and injuries need NOT be combat-related.
  • Medical Disability – Have received a combined service-connected disability rating of at least 50% from either the military or US Department of Veterans Affairs OR have filed medically documented claims that support such a determination.
  • Financial Situation - Rebuild Hope assists individuals and families who are following a realistic plan to balance their income and basic living expenses - including repaying outstanding debt and can attain a positive monthly cash flow within 6 to 12 months time of their application.
  • Impact of Rebuild Hope Aid - Rebuild Hope must believe its financial support will have a meaningful impact on a family’s progress towards financial health and stability.