Sending an e-mail to your friends, family, and co-workers to encourage them to join Rebuild Hope - as either donors or beneficiaries - is a great way to help our military families. Just tell them about what we do and why you decided to participate.

Here is a sample email message you can personalize for your own use.

Hi (Their Name),

Today (recently) I joined Rebuild Hope, an all-volunteer non-profit engaging Americans in a collective effort to help disabled Iraq and Afghanistan veterans and their families overcome government-created financial hardships, improve the financial management of their households, and escape unexpected poverty as they transition to civilian life. These families wait on average more than 270 days for the start of merited disability compensation, and in many cities, they wait 400 to 500 days. Appeal a claim and the veteran gets back in line. I encourage you to check Rebuild Hope out at

In a nutshell, the Rebuild Hope web site displays the personal profiles of U.S. veterans and service members who have suffered life-altering injuries along with their needs for specific assistance. The web site enables individual donors like us to directly help them. Individual donations - as small as $25.00 - are combined to lessen big hardships and improve the quality of lives of these soldiers and their caregivers. 100% of all beneficiary donations go to the families.

I hope you will consider becoming a member and encourage you to "spread-the-word" about Rebuild Hope to your friends, family and co-workers. I had been wondering how I personally could make a difference in the lives of these military families. Now there is an easy way to have an immediate impact.

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