Our Objective

To Assist Every Qualifying Veteran Who Seeks Our Help.

Through the generosity of our donors Rebuild Hope has assisted hundreds of disabled veterans, caregivers and their families with emergency financial assistance, counseling, coaching and referrals to other specialized resources. Rebuild Hope has also helped disabled current era veterans obtain thousands of dollars of financial support from other organizations. So far, we have helped EVERY veteran who has qualified for our assistance!

Donation Options

Rebuild Hope offers you the freedom to choose from a number of gifting options. Please read the description of each type of donation and simply designate your gift as being "standard", "advised", or "undesignated. All options are eligible for a charitable tax deduction.


Donor asks Rebuild Hope to select the beneficiary (i.e., person/family) that receives a gift. Designate your gift as Standard donation.


Donor recommends a gift be given to a particular beneficiary. Designate your gift as an Advised donation.


Gifts are primarily used to Rebuild Hope's modest operations (note: Rebuild Hope is volunteer-driven). Designate your gift as an unrestricted donation.

Payment Option #1 - Give 100%

When donations are made by mail Rebuild Hope receives 100% of your gift. If you prefer this method, please

  • make the check payable to Rebuild Hope Inc.
  • clearly designate the type of donation.
  • send the check to the following address:

         Rebuild Hope Inc.
         365 Ambar Way
         Menlo Park, CA 94025

Payment Option #2 - Donate Online

Online donations are processed by the Network For Good (NFG) website. Simply select a Donate button above, sign-up for a free membership, select Rebuild Hope as your charity, and enter your donation. Please note that a fee equal to 5% of your donation is paid to the NFG online payment service.

Recurring Donations

You can make recurring donations to Rebuild Hope through the Network For Good website.

Matching Donations

Many organizations will match their employees "charitable donations". This is a great way to double the amount of your contributions and their impact. Rebuild Hope encourages you to take advantage of these programs whenever available.

Gift Stock

Transferring shares electronically via DTC (Digital Transport Communications) is the easiest way to give stock. Contact us at dana@rebuildhope.org and we will tell you how. The advantage of a stock donation is that you, the donor, avoid paying capital gains tax on the market value appreciation of the shares. This tax benefit can reduce the cost of the gift when long or mid-term appreciated stock is donated.