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Note: Select any option below and learn how we can help you help more families

Make A Gift - You can donate any amount to one or more specific families or let us make this decision for you.

Gift Stock - Transferring shares electronically via DTC (Digital Transport Communications) is the easiest way to give stock. Contact us and will tell you how.

Matching Gifts - Many organizations will match their employees "charitable donations". This is a great way to double the impact of your contributions.

Recurring Donations - You can make recurring donations to Rebuild Hope through the Network For Good web site.

E-mail Your Friends - Send an e-mail to your friends, family, and co-workers that explains why you support Rebuild Hope and encourage them to join the Rebuild Hope community. Also, share our newsletter with them.

Connect on the Web - Invite your friends to become a fan of Rebuild Hope on facebook and to follow us on Twitter.

Foundation Grants - If you manage a foundation that assists disabled veterans, contact us. We are a leader in the effective and efficient delivery of critical family services.

Host a Reception - Hosting a reception in your home is a great way to introduce your family, friends and associates to Rebuild Hope and get them involved in our efforts.

Fitness Challenge - Now you can earn donations for Rebuild Hope families year-round simply by participating in your favorite fitness activities and enjoying the very cool benefits of a free membership in a fun fast-growing, fitness-based social network.

Athletes - Runners, cyclists, and triathletes are encouraged to raise funds for Rebuild Hope whenever they participate in events not staged by another nonprofit.

Still Celebrate Christmas - Our annual Still Celebrate Christmas program provides modest gifts ($50) to each young child of disabled veterans whose family received emergency financial assistance from us during the prior twelve months. And for the first time in 2011, Rebuild Hope had the capacity to include gifts for their parents, as well. Typically, these families view the exchange of Christmas gifts, a tree and a special holiday meal as unaffordable luxuries. Contact us for more information -

Company Giving - Tell your company, management team or employees about the opportunity Rebuild Hope offers them to directly impact the lives of current era disabled veterans.

Tributes - You can easily make a donation to honor the life or achievements of a friend or family member. Or simply, make a gift on their behalf on special days of the year, e.g, birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays:

Faith Communities - Rebuild Hope would appreciate the opportunity to speak to religious communities whose members want to learn how they could help our families.

Community Organizations - Rebuild Hope welcomes the opportunity to speak to business, civic and non-profit organizations whose members want to learn how they could help our families. And Rebuild Hope enthusiastically supports organizations that create their own fundraisers for our families.

eBay Giving Works! - This program enables sellers to designate any percentage of the sales price of an item sold as a donation to Rebuild Hope.

Online Shopping - Thousands of well-known retailers like Apple, Best Buy, Home Depot, Lands End, HP and Target will contribute to Rebuild Hope each time you purchase their products - an amount based on the value of your transaction!

Make FREE Donations - Yahoo will make a donation to Rebuild Hope every time you use the Yahoo GoodSearch engine. This is the standard Yahoo search engine; all you need to do is register Rebuild Hope as your cause!

Volunteer - Join our team. Volunteers staff all the functional operations of Rebuild Hope so we operate at a level of efficiency far above most non-profit, veteran support organizations




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