"I was medically discharged after two tours in Iraq and fifteen years of military service."

U.S. Army SGT Fredrick Colston (Veteran)

Home: Levenworth Kansas
Service-Connected Disability: Chronic back and leg injuries (70% disability rating)
Operations: Iraqi Freedom (2 deployments)
Last Military Assignment: Served with 10th Mtn Division
Immediate Family: self, my wife and two daughters
Personal Interests: Church, Sports, Spending time with my family
Current Situation:

Unexpected living expenses like a major car repair have put us currently in a tough spot. However, our financial situation should improve in early 2014. My wife and I work and expect modest pay raises in January 2013. I work for the Veterans Admisistation and will receive a GI Bill housing allowance. Assistance from Rebuild Hope will be used to pay our current rent.

Request: $1300 Rent and utilities

* Honored: Rebuild Hope provides emergency funds upfront in excess of actual donations.

The Colston family joined Rebuild Hope in 2013.

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