Application Process & Getting Started

This is an overview of the Rebuild Hope application process.
(You can download  a copy of this page for future reference.)

Step 1: Eligibility & Application For Assistance

  • Review the Rebuild Hope eligibility criteria, and if you feel you could qualify for our financial assistance, request an application at

  • Also, provide a copy of the following documents: DD 214, VA Award Letter (or claim acceptance letter). These can be emailed or faxed.

  • Rebuild Hope will acknowledge the receipt of your application by email within 24 hours.

  • If you appear to be a good candidate for assistance from Rebuild Hope, the additional documents you need to complete your application will be emailed to you. If you do not appear to qualify for assistance from Rebuild Hope, an explanation will be provided.

  • Rebuild Hope will assign a volunteer veteran advocate who will guide you through our entire application evaluation process. This individual is your primary contact at Rebuild Hope once you have completed Step 1.

  • Rebuild Hope will also provide a Veteran Applicant Status Report that you can use to track your progress.

Step 2: Household Budget and Financial Information

  • Use the provided budget template (Excel worksheet) to create a 12-month, cash flow-based budget.

  • Complete the Household Financial Information document.

  • Email both to your Rebuild Hope veteran advocate.

Step 3: A Conditional Offer of Assistance

  • Once Rebuild Hope has reviewed your final budget and discussed your needs, we will extend a conditional offer of assistance that depends on you completing our entire application process.

  • Rebuild Hope will also send you the information you need to create a Personal Profile on our website. You provide info and photos and Rebuild Hope will create the profile for your review and approval.

Step 4: Personal Character References

  • Your personal references must be in a position to provide an unbiased character reference so friends and family members cannot be used. All individuals must know you well enough to feel comfortable providing you a personal character reference.

  • You must provide an email address and phone number for each personal reference and authorize them to talk to Rebuild Hope.

  • Rebuild Hope will send an email to your personal reference and schedule a phone interview.

  • Rebuild Hope will notify you when we have interviewed each personal reference.

Step 5: Rebuild Hope Offer of Financial Assistance

  • Rebuild Hope will make you a final offer of financial assistance which could be a grant, no-interest loan, or a combination.

Step 6: Your Personal Profile On The Rebuild Hope Website.

  • Your Veteran Personal Profile info is the basis for your personal page on the Rebuild Hope website.

  • Rebuild Hope will create your online profile and request your review and approval BEFORE it is published.

  • NOTE: Rebuild Hope respects your desire for privacy and will limit the information publicly displayed on our website to what you decide.