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"I am an OIF-OEF veteran suffering a Posttraumatic Syndrome Disorders (PTSD)."

US Navy NHNS Angelique Rodriguez (Veteran)

Home: Los Angeles, CA
Service-Connected Disability: PTSD, anxiety disorders
Operations: Iraqi Freedom (Two Tours)
Last Military Assignment: USS Boxer San Diego, CA 32nd St.
Immediate Family: Self, 1 son and 1 daughter
Personal Interests: Raising my children, cooking and cleaning.
Current Situation:

"OIF-OEF was a scary and depressing time for me, being away from my son and not knowing if I would make it back home to him. A serviceman attacked me while I was on duty and now I suffer from PTSD depression and anxiety. I attend weekly group therapy with women who have experienced similar incidents while serving our country.

I was recently laid off of from one of my several jobs and fell behind in my financial obligations. While I continue to look for a job to replace the one I lost, it has proven very difficult in this economy. I will soon receive a stipend for going to Vocational Rehab and will use it to pay off or pay down some of my outstanding bills. Rebuild Hope assistance allows me to catch up on my unpaid rent and provide groceries for my family. Rebuild Hope has given me hope and encouragement and reminded me that we veterans are not forgotten."

Current Requests:   Need: $2000 Received: $1300 Still Need: $700*


* Honored: Rebuild Hope provides emergency funds upfront in excess of actual donations.

The Rodriquez family joined Rebuild Hope in June 2013.

Rebuild Hope respects a beneficiary's desire for privacy and limits the information publicly displayed on our web site to what she or he decides. We ask that no one attempt to contact them directly unless the beneficiary has authorized this action in written communications through Rebuild Hope.

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