"Tens of thousands of American families suffer extreme financial hardships - and many live in poverty - while disabled veterans wait for the start of merited, service-connected compensation. Long delays in claim processing permanently damage families and greatly reduce the odds they can build decent civilian lives together. Rebuild Hope provides emergency financial assistance and other critical services to all qualifying veterans."
- Dana Hendrickson, founder and president, Rebuild Hope.


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Rebuild Hope assists the families of veterans who suffer from severe wounds of war. Our beneficiaries merit government disability ratings of at least 50%, and almost all suffer from serious post-traumatic stress disorders.

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Rebuild Hope reduces emergency hardships, improves household financial decision-making, and offers selective referrals to other providers of essential services. Our primary objective: increase the odds families can survive long delays in merited disability income and successfully transition to civilian life.

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Ways You Can Help

There are many ways you can help Rebuild Hope assist even more families. A personal donation is a great start. Volunteer? Rebuild Hope will enthusiastically support all your efforts. 

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Use this directory to locate additional sources of essential resources and services for disabled OIF/OEF veterans.